About Us

The adventure that started with the story of Traveler Beekeeping in 1978 turns into a passion for announcing unique bee products to wider masses. Our founder has been beekeeping in every part of Turkey from 1978 to 1997, and with her dedication to this business, she took charge in various companies for the production of bee products. She established the Arı Damlası brand in 2014 in order to establish her own business and to deliver natural bee products to the consumer. The story, which started with honey and other bee products, was expanded with molasses, vegetable oils, herbal mixture pastes and food supplements.

Only Natural

We love undisturbed purity. Our source is nature, which is far from technology, far from the destructive effects of industry, in the vast heights of our Anatolia, which contains the most suitable plant and flower harmony for quality products. Bu yüzden Arı Damlası markalı ürünleri el değmemiş doğanın benzersiz rayihasını hemen fark eder, tadına doyamazsınız.

We Are Just Intermediaries Between You and Nature

Our sole aim is to present the miraculous value of nature to you without spoiling the first taste of humanity. Tabiatın o kendine has büyüsü içinde özünü topladıkları ürünlere hiç müdahale etmeden, doğadan gelen o eşsiz lezzeti sizlere sunabilmektir bizim mutluluğumuz. It is our happiness to deliver you the best quality products compiled in the untouched nature of our regions, which have the richest and most untouched flora in the world. Çünkü biz biliyoruz ki bütün şifaların hazinesi bitkilerdedir. That’s why we produce only natural products for a healthier generation. With this production sensitivity and social responsibility awareness, Arı Damlası is expanding its investments and market network to become the most reliable natural products producer and brand not only in Turkey but also in the world.

A Drop of Nature…

Those who care about quality of life also know the importance of nutrition. The right eating habits, which are often overlooked and neglected in the fast pace of big city life, ultimately cause us to be unhealthy, more unproductive, and invite many unwanted diseases. That’s why Arı Drops has adopted offering natural, delicious and healthy products as its main principle since the day it was founded in order to contribute to a correct and healthy diet and to support a productive and happy life.

Your Satisfaction Only

Arı Damlası is a special product brand in Turkey and the World market. It has a quality understanding that is aware of the fact that the main expectation of the consumer is natural and high quality products, and adopts the principle of producing only high quality products from product supply to the last stage of production for this purpose. Arı Damlası manufactures all its products on the basis of customer satisfaction and continuity, without compromising its high quality. Bugün Türkiye ve Dünya’da Arı Damlası ürünleri ile tanışarak yüksek kaliteli ürünlerinin keyfini alan her müşteri Arı Damlası ailesinin doğal bir ferdi olmanın mutluluğunu yaşıyor. Because Bee Drops produces only natural products for its special customers.

Sadece Yüksek Standartlar

Production for Bee Drops is the process of delivering the true miracle of nature to you, without interfering with the nature of its high-quality products, which it has carefully compiled in a 100 percent hygiene and sterile environment. Arı Damlası always delivers high quality products to you with high production standards with its professional staff in the production stages supported by the latest technological production structure and laboratory studies. Bu yüzden Arı Damlası markalı her üründe aynı kaliteyi ve güveni bulursunuz. What makes Bee Drops products a passion is the high standard and precision applied in production as well as in product supply.